the ultimate guide to

waking up early

Did you know early risers are ...

  • sun-icon More creative
  • koala More energetic
  • koala More successful
  • koala Healthier
  • koala Happier!


How early is early?

Before sunrise is ideal, when it’s quiet, but anytime before 6:00am will help you squeeze the most out of life.

Can I stay up late?

Just 7 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep on a Koala mattress will have you feeling amazing (based on a survey of our customer’s sleeping habits). 8 hours is considered the gold standard on regular mattresses.


Famous morning people

  • Richard Branson Richard Branson 6:00am
  • Beethoven Beethoven 5:30am
  • Arianna Huffington Arianna Huffington 5:00am
  • Tim Cook Tim Cook 4:30am
  • Michelle Obama Michelle Obama 4:30am

icon Why are early risers more creative?

No one’s up this early
Those precious morning hours are also the quietest, with zero distraction from ringing phones or noisy housemates. There’s also no rush, allowing you to think clearly and enjoy some ‘me time’.
The brain is firing
Morning people operate in a post-waking period when we are extremely creative. Studies have shown that this is when the prefrontal cortex is the most active. This phenomenon is often described as ‘shower thoughts’, where people tend to have creative flashes of deep thinking. It’s been said at the morning mind is the writer, and the night mind is the editor.
You have ‘the overnight test’
Morning people also find it easy to reflect on the previous day’s work after a night’s sleep (this is called the ‘overnight test’ in creative industries, like design and advertising).

How to train yourself to get up early

  • 1

    Make a date

    Create an appointment you can’t get out of the next morning, like meeting a friend for a walk, or breakfast.
  • 2

    Get deep sleep

    A darker room and a quality mattress are the two easiest improvements, and can improve your sleep significantly.
  • 3

    No snooze

    Set an alarm and stick to it. We sleep in cycles, which generally take 45 minutes to complete. Hitting the snooze button enables your body to drop into the deepest phase of the sleep cycle, which in turn makes it harder to get up and moving.
  • 4

    Don’t be a quitter!

    You will find it gets easier after 2-3 weeks. Your sleep routine is set by the ‘circadian pacemaker’, which you can train.

icon Why do early risers have more energy?

Oversleeping is bad for you

The bizarre truth is that oversleeping can make you tired! People who sleep 9-11 hours are going against our biological clock as humans, and the body enters into a state of malaise. Surprisingly, morning people don’t have this problem.

The brain’s ‘gas tank’ is at full

Human willpower to get things done has a limited supply, according to research. Once it’s gone in a day, it’s gone. Another study shows the prefrontal cortex is most active in the morning.

You’re starting a cycle

Morning people expend their energy during the day, resulting in deeper sleep the next night. This creates a beautiful cycle.

More energy

the secret to waking up early is deep sleep

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icon Why are early risers more successful?

Career boost

The numbers of hours available to you in a day can grow over 15%, which leads to more stuff getting done, and to more career success.

Morning time = strategy time

The early hours is where you can do your scheming, and work on projects above and beyond your regular income. You can think of more amazing ideas that can become businesses.

Expand your network

Morning people have time to meet people in the evening, leading to bigger and healthier networks. As they say in the business, it’s not what you know. It’s who.


How to fall asleep quickly and maximise deep sleep

Turn your mind off
If your monkey mind won't shut down, write down your thoughts with pen and paper on your bedside. This will help your brain forget them and settle into sleep.
Hit the lights
Make sure you switch off your lights to force your body to slip into sleep mode. If you’ve got a bright street light outside, consider heavy curtains to block out ambient light.
Upgrade your mattress
Invest in a quality mattress that’s comfortable, but not too soft. Our mattress sits on about 7.6 on a scale of 1-10 (softest to firmest), which isn’t too soft or too hard, but just right.

icon Why are early risers healthier?

The right time to exercise

Let’s face it, the evenings after a long, hard day of work isn’t the best time to hit the gym. If you get your exercise in early, you start the day with a healthy mindset. What’s more, you free up the evenings for whatever you choose.

Get your metabolism burning

You can elevate the rate at which you’re burning food by exercising first-thing. Even if you still choose to do it in the evenings, waking early simply increases your energy burn for a longer period of time, per day.

Time to cook at home

Having more time in the evenings leads to better eating, as you’re less likely to grab takeaway. You’ll find you actually have time to eat better (including making more nutritious hot breakfasts), and even make lunch for the next day.


icon Why are early risers happier?

The research doesn’t lie

Studies have shown that morning people have more life satisfaction

Time to meditate and journal

Morning meditation has been proven to increase the number of positive thoughts, while teaching you to ignore the bad ones. So too, morning journaling has lower stress and helps increase control of your mind and activities.

The sum of it all

A happy life is the sum of its parts. For morning people, the boosts to your creativity, career, health and energy levels all ladder up to a happier state of being.


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