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What would you do with a million dollars?

I wonder if you had asked Mitch and Dany that question back in 2015 they would have said – “save the koalas! Oh, and don’t forget the turtle.”

But that’s exactly what they did with a million bucks.

When Koala was still just an idea, Mitch and Dany, our founders, wanted to make sure that the company would stand for something more than just profits. So since day one, we’ve been leveraging our business to protect the iconic koala – our namesake.

A green turtle having a rest in the Great Barrier Reef.
© Mike Ball Dive Expeditions / WWF-Aus

Koala was started in Byron Bay where, and along the east coast of Australia, the Koala population is facing pressure from some of the worst tree clearing in the world. Urbanisation and climate change are also threatening these unique animals, so we stepped up and to this day we’re passionate about supporting them.

Through our ‘buy one, adopt one’ program, we work with partners like WWF-Australia who are the experts in conservation. Together we have pushed our government to stop tree clearing, have trained dogs to track koala populations to better protect them, regenerated bushland, and supported koala hospitals.

Now we’ve also turned our attention to the green turtle. This ancient sea creature is facing potential population collapse as temperatures in the nest determine the sex of the turtle. Rising temperatures meant that 99% of the northern Great Barrier Reef population were born female in 2018. WWF-Australia and partners are researching ways to mitigate our changing climate for these beautiful animals.

A green turtle having a rest in the Great Barrier Reef.
© Mike Ball Dive Expeditions / WWF-Aus

Reaching $1 million dollars in donations is a huge milestone for a company that is just 3 years old, and these donations could not have happened without our customers. Across Australia, people believed in a start up mattress company that was trying to disrupt an industry and give back to our planet. With every mattress and sofa sold, we adopted one of these iconic animals.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our customers for your support through these years, and for supporting Mother Nature along the way.

$1 million dollars later we feel we’ve made a real difference. And it’s just the beginning!

About the Writer

Simone is the Thrivability Manager at Koala. She’s excited to be taking Koala on the journey to be better than sustainable – to be thriving! This covers wildlife conservation, ensuring our products minimise their impact on the planet in how they’re made as well as at the end of their life, and how we operate as a business.

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