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Sofa Bed

All the magic of the Koala Mattress and Sofa - combined into one very comfy package.

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Colour: Lunar Grey


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Product Dimensions

Sofa Bed (closed)
W 205.5 cm x D 101 cm x H 83.5 cm

Sofa Bed (open) - Queen Mattress size
W 205.5 cm x D 224 cm x H 66 cm

Sofa Bed Footrest
W 65 cm x D 65 cm x H 42.5 cm

4-Hour Delivery Potential Delays

Depending on your selected colour and delivery state, estimated delivery is late September to late November.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

120-Night Trial

We offer a risk-free 120-night trial so if you buy the Koala sofa bed and don’t love it, you can return it for a full refund.

5-Year Warranty

The Koala sofa bed comes with a 5-year Koala warranty.

Putting the Regular Sofa to Bed

A sofa bed so bloody comfy that you’ll be shocked to find there’s an insanely comfy queen size bed inside that comes out in just 4 seconds. Made for sitting, sleeping, snuggling and everything in between.


Don’t Compromise on Comfort

A Real Crowd Pleaser.

We’ve finally nailed an ultra-stylish sofa bed that’s also super comfy for sitting AND sleeping. Stop compromising between either a good sofa or a good pull-out bed and get both. A sofa bed so good that sleeping on the couch is a good thing.

Queen Size Comfort...

Good. Better. Bed.

We know a thing or two about making the perfect bed – so we used that know how when making the Koala Sofa Bed. With an incredibly comfy full queen size mattress, your short-term guests won’t want to leave.

Easy as A-B-ZZZ

Say Goodbye to Squeaky Steel.

No one likes a big song and dance before bed – so we made the process of getting from sitting to sleeping as easy as possible. 4-second set up. No noise, no stress, no steel – just perfect sleep without the painful squeak.

Comfy Just Got Comfier

Put Your Feet Up.

The ultimate sofa bed needs to have an insanely comfy footrest - and that’s exactly what we’ve made. Comfy, durable, versatile and easy-on-the eye - it’s got everything a home for your tootsies needs, and is the perfect addition to our sofa bed.

As Quick as a Cuppa

Hassle-Free, No-Tool Assembly.

The Koala Sofa Bed goes from sit to snuggle in 4 seconds with zero noisy metal joints and fold out parts – which means you get all of the sleep, and none of the squeak.

The Good Wood

Built Responsibly.

Rest easy legends, because our sofa bed is FSC® Certified. Furniture made with wood certified to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) standards comes from responsibly managed forests, so the planet thanks you for getting comfy with Koala.

Sleep on It.

120-Night Trial? Be Our Guest.

Get the same risk-free 120-night trial period across the whole Koala range. You’ve got 4 months to make sure you (and your guests) absolutely love our sofa bed, or your money back. In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide we’ll even pick it up for free.

Unbox Happiness

Free 4-Hour Delivery.

Stress about which pillows you’re going to throw on it, not how you’re going to get it home. We offer free delivery on all our products so you can rest easy.

Product Details


Sofa Bed - Top View

Koala sofa bed, top view line art.

Sofa Bed - Front View

Koala sofa bed, front view line art.

Sofa Bed - Side View

Koala sofa bed, side view line art.

Sofa Bed - Top View, Unfolded

Koala sofa bed, top view (unfolded) line art.

Sofa Bed - Side View, Unfolded

Koala sofa bed, side view (unfolded) line art.

Footrest - Top View


Footrest - Side View


All dimensions are in centimetres.


We offer free 4 hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Everywhere else, delivery is still fast and free.

Check Your Delivery Time

How the Sofa Bed Arrives to You

Baseboard Box

  • Dimensions: 9 x 105 x 98 cm
  • Boxed weight: 20 kg
  • Component weight: 17 kg

Backrest Box

  • Dimensions: 21 × 155 × 66 cm
  • Boxed weight: 18.1 kg
  • Component weight: 14.5 kg

Armrest Box (2 Pieces)

  • Dimensions: 27 × 103 × 65 cm
  • Boxed weight: 15.3 kg
  • Component weight: 12.5 kg

Seat Cushion Box

  • Dimensions: 40 × 170 × 40 cm
  • Boxed weight: 30 kg
  • Component weight: 25 kg

Footrest Box

  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 68 x 68cm
  • Boxed weight: 12.18 kg
    Seat cushion is compressed into the base.

6 boxes in total.


Sofa Bed Baseboard

100% FSC® certified 15 mm poplar plywood, coated for protection.

Sofa Bed Frame

100% FSC® certified poplar plywood and MDF.

Sofa Bed Seat Cushion

CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam support layer with polyurethane foam comfort layer. Wrapped in Dacron layer.

Sofa Bed Cover

  • Soft touch fabric: 88% polyester, 12% nylon
  • Non-slip: 100% polyester
Lunar Grey Flat White Trackie Dack Bass Straight

Sofa Bed Assembly Components


Sofa Bed Manufactured from All New Materials

  • Core: polyurethane foam
  • Face fabric: 88% polyester, 12% nylon
  • Non-slip: 100% polyester

Footrest Frame

  • 100% FSC certified poplar plywood + MDF
  • All timber components (plywood + MDF) are 100% FSC® certified.

Footrest Seat Cushion

Certi-PUR-US® Certified Polyurethane foam support layer with polyurethane comfort layer. Wrapped in dacron layer.

Footrest Cover

  • Soft touch fabric: 88% Polyester 12% Nylon
  • Non Woven: 100% Polyester

Footrest Feet

  • Black
  • Polyamide P6
  • Height: 20 mm
  • Diameter at Bottom: 38 mm
  • Diameter at Top: 41 mm
Country of Origin

Designed in Australia. Made in China.

Protection & Care

How to Care for Your New Sofa Bed

Regular Care (Weekly)

  • Vacuum regularly using low suction.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.


  • Do not remove cushion covers for separate cleaning or washing even though they may have zippers.
  • Shampoo clean using upholstery shampoo.
  • Do not use dish washing or laundry detergents.
  • Do not wet filling.
  • Do not scrub with a stiff brush.
  • Dry in shade away from direct heat.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.


  • Pilling can occur occasionally as a result of normal daily wear and should not be considered a fault.
  • Fibre pills can be removed with a battery operated pilling tool, available from most haberdashery stores.

⚠️ Warning: careless use of cigarettes and matches could set fire to this product.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size mattress does the sofa bed fold out to?

Our sofa bed folds out to a full size queen mattress, so you and your guest can relax like royalty!

Are the covers on the sofa bed removable/washable?

Even though there are zippers on some covers we don’t recommend removing them to wash.

The best way to care for your sofa bed is by spot cleaning with an upholstery shampoo and lightly vacuuming on a low suction setting as needed.

Do I require any tools to build my sofa bed?

Nope! As with all our products, the sofa bed is 100% tool free.

Is the sofa bed a 2 seater or 3 seater?

The koala sofa bed lands somewhere in the middle around a 2.5 - big enough to fit 3 adults side by side and cosy enough to snuggle up on with hot choccy.

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