Koala mattress and pillows on a koala bed base.

Which Mattress Reigns Supreme?

Koala mattress vs Sleeping Duck mattress

Many Australians ask us how our mattress compares against other options in the market. To make things easier, we created a table that stacks up our Koala mattress vs Sleeping Duck mattress.

Let us show you how both mattresses fare on price, product features, added value and customer reviews, so you can see why we think Koala is the best mattress in Australia.

Which Mattress Reigns Supreme?

Queen size mattress comparison: Koala vs Sleeping Duck

We are sleep nerds and know that there are four criteria that really matter when picking a mattress: Price, Product Features, Added Value and Customer Ratings.

See our table below to see how we compare our Koala mattress vs Sleeping Duck mattress on what matters.

Queen Size Mattress Comparison Koala Shop Now Sleeping Duck Mattress
Regular Price ? $950 $1,649
Promotion $100 off any mattress size None
Product Features
Zero Disturbance® ? Yes Yes
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Firmess Medium Medium, Firm, & Half Medium, Half Firm
Washable Mattress Cover Yes No
Added Value
Trial Period 120 Nights 100 Nights
4-Hour Delivery In Metro Areas Yes No


Koala mattress vs Sleeping Duck mattress review

Our Koala mattress in a box is light, more affordable and delivers within 4h. But the magic does not end there. Have a look at our detailed comparison below so you can answer, what is better, Koala or Sleeping Duck?

When we created Koala we did so because we wanted to make good sleep available to everyone and price plays a big role in that.

Our modern Koala was engineered to be the best mattress in Australia, but it continues to be one of the most affordable ones in the market and is cheaper than a Sleeping Duck.

Zero Disturbance®
Anyone who shares a bed with a restless sleeper will know that spring mattresses transfer movement from one side of the bed to the other. Not with Koala’s memory foam technology.

Our mattresses come with Zero Disturbance® which channels out movement from any sleeping partner so it does not affect the other. And we do that with one single double mattress instead of two single bed mattresses on a double bed base.

We believe that our houses should be filled with fewer high quality furniture pieces instead of lots of low quality items. This is why we designed our mattresses to last you a decade. It is good for you and it is good for the planet. Each Koala mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.

Construction type
Each Koala is made of two sophisticated layers of foam. A base layer of our very own Kloudcell open-cell foam and a top layer of Ecofoam.

Kloudcell’s high-grade foam allows Koala mattresses to breath and carries out any excess heat through its channels so you are never too hot, even on the warmest Aussie summer night.

Our lush memory foam bounces back so you don’t sink in, as happens with other types of memory foam, and is just the right level of firmness, not too firm and not too soft.

Forget about turning your mattress or having to adjust the firmness level, Koala mattresses are just right for almost every sleeper so all you need to worry about is redecorating your bedroom and buying matching bed sheets.

Wake up every morning fully rested, like the other 20,000+ happy Australians who think Koala is the best mattress in Australia.

Our unique queen size mattress in a box is one of the lightest in the market. At just 23kg it weighs half of a Sleeping Duck mattress. This makes it easy for anyone to set-up and move the mattress around without any help.

Washable mattress cover
We want our mattress in a box to last you a lifetime, so we designed it with a removable and washable mattress cover that is easy to keep fresh and clean. When required, just unzip it and wash in cold water.

Trial period
Koala mattress reviews show that our customers are very happy with their purchase. But just to be sure, we let them test our mattress for 120 nights before they need to confirm their decision. That is 4 months of great sleep and 20 nights longer than a Sleeping Duck mattress.

Nobody likes to wait around for great things to come which is why we designed our intelligent system, Gumleaf, to provide the quickest delivery service in Australia. Order your Koala mattress and receive it at your doorstep in just 4 hours.

Set-up time
When we designed our mattresses we made sure they would be easy to set-up, even if you don’t have any help. As soon as our mattress in a box arrives, all you need to do is unpack it, unroll it and wait just 4 seconds.

Do good
Our mattresses are not just great for sleep they are also good for the environment, our wildlife and the planet. Sustainability is very important to us so we partnered with SEDEX, a global non-profit, to certify that all our partners follow ethical and environmental practices.

Our factories produce close to zero emissions, we are a B Corp and a member of the 1% for the Planet. We believe in reusing and recycling and work with Soft Landing in Sydney and Melbourne to recycle your old mattress.

For every mattress sold, we symbolically adopt a koala in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

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