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How to clean your Koala Lounging Sofa

Our super comfy Lounging Sofa has been designed for uninterrupted comfort, and is capable of handling everything modern life throws at it. Below are some steps you can take to maximise the life of your comfy sofa.

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Cleaning off oil or chocolate

Gently scrape the excess away, then go over the spot using upholstery shampoo. Blot thoroughly without letting water seep into the filling and then let dry completely.

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Are the covers removable?

Only the seat cushion cover, and the backrest cushion covers are removable. 

How to clean the covers

We recommend spot cleaning any spills or messes using a damp cloth on the area. If the stain requires a bit more elbow grease, you can remove the cover and use cold water to help remove the stain. The cover must be drip-dried in the shade before replacing the foam inside.

We do not recommend putting the cushions in the washing machine as they may shrink.

Can I Scotch Guard the sofa?

We do not recommend using Scotch Guard on the Lounging Sofa as it will void the warranty. This is because we cannot control how a customer applies Scotch Guard onto the sofa, and what brand they use. Applying Scotch Guard can change the feel of the fabric, and make it feel slightly stiff which would be a similar feeling to applying hair spray on your hair. If you choose to Scotch Guard your Lounging Sofa, we recommend doing a test patch on the back of the sofa as the Scotch Guard may cause discolouration to the fabric.

How to remove pilling

Pilling is not a common issue among the customers who have bought our sofa.

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Pilling happens when fabric fibres become loose, and they move around when we sit or brush up against them. The friction from people rubbing up against the fabric causes loose fibres to twist together into small balls. Losing a few of these on the surface as the fabric settles is as similar to towels losing some fluff after coming home with you from the store.

If you experience pilling, we recommend using a de-pilling machine like the Phillips Fabric Shaver, and regularly vacuum cleaning your sofa on a low setting. By doing this you should find the pilling should decrease, and disappear. Using a fabric shaver does not affect the durability of the fabric.

If you experience any pilling please reach out to our Customer support team at

How to remove wrinkles

We’ve designed our sofa to have one long seat cushion to allow you to sit or nap to your heart’s content. However, due to the style of the seat cushion, and having one continuous piece of fabric, some of those wrinkles may be unavoidable. 

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We recommend lifting up your seat cushion so it’s not attached to the velcro, go to each end of the sofa, and pull on both front and back corners. Once you have pulled on both corners this will help move the fabric back to its normal position. One it’s looking schmick again you can reattach it to the frame. Then, pretend it’s a shiny new car that’s just had a polish and run your hands along the top of the cover to smooth out any excess wrinkles. 

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