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Adjusting to mattress firmness

There were many steps in the process of designing the Koala mattress, and one of them is extensive user testing. We read every single review to see what we’re doing right and what we can improve on. Thanks to our hundreds of thousands of customers, we’ve been able to create the perfect mattress that is suited to most people. You can read more about the mattress design here.

You see, everyone likes their bed a little different because everybody is different. But no matter what your height or weight is, we’ve made sure our mattress is compatible for all Aussies. 

When you sit on the mattress it feels really soft, and when you lay down, your weight it is spread evenly across the mattress, which gives a firmer, more supportive layer. Have a read here to find out how much support your spine needs.


How firm is the Koala Mattress?

The Koala Mattress is roughly 6.5 out of 10 in terms of firmness, with 1 being a feather pillow and 10 being a very firm surface such as carpeted floors. Our customer surveys tell us that 6.5 is the sweet spot.

How soft or firm the mattress feels can be subjective to what you have been used to in the past. For example, if you’re used to a spring mattress, the mattress may feel soft. Or if your previous mattress had expired or was lumpy, the Koala mattress may feel hard. 

How long does it take to get used to a new mattress?

For many of our customers, they’ve reviewed getting better sleep on the first night! You can read more about how sleeping on a Koala mattress feels like here.

Depending on what materials and age of your previous mattress, it may take some time to adjust to any new mattress. We recommend sleeping on the Koala Mattress for at least 14 days as this is the time it will take for your body to adjust. If it’s not right for you, we offer a 120-night trial, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get your money back.

What if I think the mattress is too firm or too soft?

At Koala, we want all our customers to have better sleep. So, if you think the mattress is too firm or too soft, we can offer you a free mattress topper that is compatible with the Koala mattress. 

What is the mattress topper made of?

The topper is available in a firm or soft variation. It is 40mm, and made of a breathable, open-cell polyurethane foam just like our mattress, and wrapped in a polyester/cotton blend. 

The topper is still breathable in that it is made out of open-cell foam. Unfortunately, there are no ventilation holes so we do recommend our customers take the topper off every now and then to allow the mattress to breathe.

How do I claim a mattress topper?

Just reach out to one of our amazing Customer Support team through either the live chat on our website, calling us at 1800 575 337 or emailing us at It will be sent via mail.

Can I get a topper with my order?

No, the topper is only available as a courtesy product for customers who are finding it too hard, or too soft after the recommended 14 day adjustment period.

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