We make furniture for the digital age

We're a young company combining two of the best innovations in the last 100 years... furniture, and the internet.

This lets us replace awful industry practices, like overpricing and showrooms, with a complete experience, from high-tech design through to instant delivery.

No worries.

This simple phrase drives everything we do.

All our energy goes into understanding our customer's worries, then creating an experience that makes everything easy.

Because life's too short to worry about dumb stuff like this:

Being tired

Wasting a whole day waiting for the delivery guy

Sleazy salesmen in leased BMWs

Having a house full of junk you don't need

Identical products being sold as different

High-low pricing models that exploit the word SALE

People out to make a quick buck

Big, ungainly boxes

Relying on coffee to get through a day

Whether the 20 minutes on a bed in a showroom was enough to make an educated decision

Back pain

Restless partners

So we're making
things easy

Easy to buy

We believe quality should be affordable. That your money should pay for a product, not an expensive showroom.

Easy to try

We believe you'll fall in love with our product, so you can try for 120 nights.

(easy to return)

Not quite right? That's fine! We'll pick it up. Your feedback will go straight into our system to make our next product better.

adopt a koala

The Koala is an Aussie icon, but sadly numbers have been in decline over the past two centuries, leaving the humble Koala on the brink.

That’s why Koala has partnered with the WWF and other Koala charities to provide a donation with every mattress sold to help protect and preserve this unique marsupial for generations to come.

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Let's do planet Earth a favour

We believe in reversing environmental trends and leaving Earth in better nick than we found it.

That's why we constantly improve the environmental footprint of our materials and business practices.

After all, a happy world needs happy habitats.

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and own less
of better

We believe that one really good product is better than ten average ones, and that simple is much, much harder to do than complex.

So instead of offering hundreds of items, we design and develop a few key products in-house.

This lets us control everything - from materials to delivery.

interested in a good night's sleep?

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