Who Thought a Green Sea Turtle Could Be Saved by a Koala?

Our warming climate and increasing temperatures in the northern Great Barrier Reef are turning populations of marine turtles almost completely female. Koala is partnering with WWF-Australia, the Queensland Government and the University of Queensland to undertake research to prevent this and possible population collapse.

It’s Time to Help Our Heroes in a Half-Shell

We’re launching a new research project to trial practical methods to cool the sand temperature of sea turtle nests with the aim to stop the feminization of the turtle population.

These methods are currently being trialled on the Milman Island nesting beach in the Great Barrier Reef.

The project will test various methods, including erecting both natural and artificial cooling shade structures and seawater sand irrigation.

We started Koala so we could make a real difference in the world. We've got the opportunity to do something special here at Milman Island, so we’re making sure we get behind it 100%. I’ve got family up there too, so I know how often that part of Australia can be ignored, so we want to really get involved and make a difference.
Mitch Taylor, Co-Founder

Buy a Sofa, Adopt a Turtle

With every koala sofa you buy, you also make a turtle adoption. Through our partnership with WWF-Australia, you’ll help save marine turtles and their habitat. So kick back, relax and rest easy knowing you’ll be helping the next breed of ninja turtles live on!

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