lounging sofa returns

1. We hear you are returning your Koala Sofa, here are the steps to take it apart and get it ready for collection back to our HQ.

2. Remove the 3 backrest cushions and large seat cushion.

3. Fold the seat cushion (like a taco) and secure it with a suitable material like a length of rope.

4. Release the backrest cape from the rear of the sofa and remove the backrest.

5. Remove the kickplate from the front of the sofa.

6. Tuck the kickplate under the cape of the backrest and secure them together

7. Remove the arms and secure them together

8. Separate the two frame base halves

9. Remove both the timber and steel legs.

10. Place all the wooden and steel legs in a plastic bag.

11. Flip one base half upside down and place the three backrest cushions inside along with the plastic bag containing the legs.

12. Place the other half of the base on top of the half containing the 3 backrest cushions.

13. Secure the halves together with a rope

14. Have all parts ready for collection as shown above.