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Koala vs Lazybed COMPARISON

At Koala, we’re frequently asked how our mattress stacks up against competitors, so we decided to put together this table so you can see how our Australian-made Koala compares with the Chinese-made Lazybed.

We have focused on using superior foam technologies, including our proprietary Kloudcell and Ultra-resilient Ecofoam in layers to offer Zero Disturbance technology. We stand by the superior comfort and support offered by this combination with a 120-day trial period to enable you to accurately assess performance. Better yet, Koala will deliver your mattress in just four hours. It’s important to trial the mattress in real world conditions, as it should last decade before it needs replacement.

Koala Queen Mattress

Lazybed Queen Mattresss

120 Night Guarantee 
Zero Disturbance Technology 
Warranty 10 years 15 years
Free 4 Hour Delivery 
Free Returns 
5-Star Reviews

1615 482
Choice Recommended 
Supports Charitable Cause 

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