Update: Proudly supporting the Pink Test

Koala has jumped aboard the bandwagon this Pink Test in support of the McGrath Foundation and the fantastic work their McGrath Breast Care Nurses do in providing support to those affected by breastcancer.

Throughout the Pink Test, we will donate $50 to the McGrath Foundation for every run to Steve Smith, as well as adopt a koala for every run in our ever-continuing quest to preserve our national icon.



This summer… when Steve Smith scores, our koalas score


How it works

1 run to Steve Smith = +1 koala adopted
1 catch by Steve = +20 koala adopted
1 run out by Steve = +30 koala adopted
1 wicket to Steve = +100 koala adopted

Why we're doing it

Koala was founded with the mission to not just make furniture, but to contribute to society and give back, and we felt the animal after which we are named was a great start.

Since day 1, we ‘adopt’ a real, life koala on behalf of each and every customer who buys one of our famous mattresses. This has meant over $300k going directly to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, the WWF and tree replanting in Northern NSW.

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