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Which mattress reigns supreme?

Koala mattress vs Sealy mattress

Trying to compare a Koala mattress vs Sealy mattress? With so many convoluted names and types, we know this seems like a very complex task, but fret not, we have done the work for you.

Here, you’ll find a comparison of our queen size mattress against Sealy’s signature range on price, product features, added value, and customer reviews so you can decide which is the best mattress in Australia.

Queen size mattress comparison: Koala vs Sealy

We like to think that we know a lot about sleep, and about mattresses, but even we struggled to compare our Koala mattress vs Sealy mattress on the aspects that matter: Price, Product Features, Added Value, and Customer Ratings.

This is because of their large range of mattress models and the amount of jargon used to describe what should be possible to understand in layman terms.

To make things easier, we created a comparison table for a queen size mattress in a medium firmness level. For our Koala vs Sealy table, we picked the Sealy Crown Jewel because that is their signature mattress.

Queen size mattress comparison: Koala vs Sealy Koala Shop Now Sealy Crown Jewel
Retail price $950 Starting $4,000*
Discount $100 Off At discretion of retailer
Zero Disturbance® Yes No
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Construction Type Foam Spring
Weight 23.6kg Depends on base
Washable Mattress Cover Yes No
Trial Period 120 nights 100 nights
4-Hour Delivery Yes No

Koala mattress vs Sealy mattress review

__What is better, Koala or Sealy? __

We are proud of our friendly purchase process that takes away all the convoluted decisions and makes it easy for you to pick the right mattress.

Unlike Sealy, we only have one type of firmness and style that we know will guarantee you fantastic sleep. Our mattresses are designed to adapt to every sleeper and can be ordered online efficiently.

But let us walk you through all the details of our Koala vs Sealy review below so you also understand why our modern Koala is the best mattress in Australia.

We believe that everyone deserves a great night’s sleep. We use the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology to provide restful sleep at a fair price that is accessible to everyone.

When you compare a Koala mattress vs Sealy mattress on price, you will see that our mattresses are a forth of a similar quality Sealy mattress, their signature Crown Jewel. We cut out the middleman and the sophisticated sales tactics and sprinkled on a bit of technology to come up with an affordable high-quality product.

Our prices are simple and transparent, and they are the same for everyone. You don’t need to negotiate or shop around trying to differentiate impossible-to-compare models designed to trick you. At Koala, we have taken the headaches out of the purchase process so you can focus on the important things.

Zero Disturbance®
Our memory foam mattresses are designed with Zero Disturbance®. Unlike spring mattresses, they magically channel all the movement from each of the sleeping partners out of the mattress so you and your sleeping partner are never disturbed.

Sleeping partner disturbance is the main reason why our customers have ditched spring mattresses in favour of the memory foam technology we use at Koala because great sleep should not be compromised by a restless partner.

Our mattresses are made to last you at least a decade. We believe sustainability matters so we make durable products that minimise wastage and impact on the planet.

Construction type
Most of our customers choose their beds for comfort and this is exactly what we produce: a mattress so comfortable you will wake up restful every morning, goodbye coffee!

Koala mattresses are designed so that everyone can have their best sleep without having to understand industry jargon or cumbersome terminology.

We eliminated the need for hours laying on used store beds by engineering a mattress that adapts to everyone; it is not too firm and not too soft, a Koala mattress is just right.

To achieve this, we combine the use of our exclusive open-cell Kloudcell foam technology for the comfort base and top it with a firmer Ecofoam layer that adapts to your body as you fall into a deep sleep.

Our breathable memory foam is of the highest grade and it does not sink in. Kloudcell’s open-cell structures create channels that allow the mattress to stay cool even on the warmest nights.

Between Kloudcell and Ecofoam we found the secret sauce for the best night’s sleep and wanted to share this superpower with you.

No more hours testing mattress styles in a showroom only to pick the wrong one and no more impossible to compare technical specs you need a PhD to decipher.

We engineered the best mattress in Australia so everyone can wake up rested and ready.

Our Koala queen size mattress weighs just 23kg and can be placed on any bed base. You don’t have to purchase a clunky and heavy base that you need a team to install and manoeuvre.

Order a Koala and you will see that advanced technology does not need to be convoluted or heavy.

Washable mattress cover
Every Koala mattress comes with its own removable and washable mattress cover which you can easily unzip and wash in cold water anytime. This means you don’t have to buy a mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and fresh for years to come.

Trial period
If you want to try for yourself and compare what is better, Koala or Sealy, you don’t have to lay on a shared bed in a public showroom, sleep on it for up to 120 nights and see for yourself.

We give you 4 full months to enjoy our mattresses, which is 30 days more than Sealy. And if you’re not convinced of your purchase, you won’t have to jump through hoops to return it, we will help you arrange a hassle-free return.

Nobody likes to waste hours in a showroom awkwardly laying in public beds under the watchful eye of a salesman, then wait days for a delivery date and hours for the delivery service.

Order a Koala online and our inhouse intelligent delivery system, Gumleaf, will have your mattress with you in just 4 hours, which is the quickest delivery service in Australia.

Set-up time
Did we mention our do-it-yourself mattress in a box is the easiest and most fun to set up? It works like magic.

We rolled our vacuum packed mattress in a small box at the factory so that we can reduce wastage and space and make the unpacking experience fun. Open the box, unroll the mattress, and in just 4 seconds, your Koala will be ready to use.

Do good
At Koala, we wanted to do things right at every step of the way. We only use ethically-sourced materials and we collaborate with the global non-profit SEDEX to make sure that all our partners do too.

We also care about wildlife and about the environment so we are a B Corp and a member of the 1% for the Planet. Our manufacturing process is as green as it can be and virtually emissions-free.

We want to help preserve our iconic wildlife so, for every mattress sold, we adopt a koala through the World Wildlife Fund on our customer’s behalf. In Sydney and Melbourne, we have partnered with Soft Landing to collect your old mattress and give it a new lease on life.

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