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Which Mattress Reigns Supreme?

Koala mattress vs Ecosa mattress

We love our memory foam mattresses and think they’re the best in Australia. But our customers often ask us how we compare against the most popular alternatives, so we put together the table below which stacks up a queen size Koala mattress vs Ecosa mattress.

Spoiler alert: our mattresses are lighter, deliver faster, and are more comfortable (if we may say so ourselves). Plus, with every purchase, you’ll support Australian wildlife and the environment.

Queen size mattress comparison: Koala vs Ecosa

When comparing mattresses there are some things that matter more than others. In the table below, we focus on what we think are the 4 most important criteria: Price, Product Features, Added Value, and Customer Rating.

To make things easier, we decided to choose the most common mattress size, a Koala queen size mattress vs Ecosa queen size mattress.

Queen size mattress comparison Koala Shop Now Ecosa
Retail Price ? $950 $1,099
Discount $100 Off $200 Off
Product Features
Zero Disturbance® ? Yes Yes
Warranty 10 Years 15 Years
Construction Type ? Foam Foam
Weight 23.6kg 35kg
Washable Mattress Cover Yes Yes
Added Value
Trial Period 120 nights 100 nights
4-Hour Delivery Yes No

Koala mattress vs Ecosa mattress review

What is better Koala or Ecosa?

We think Koala is the best mattress in Australia but we might be biased. To get down to the details, check out the Koala vs Ecosa review below.

Price of Koala mattress vs Ecosa mattress
Ecosa and Koala prices are very similar for a queen mattress and, after discounts, they differ only in $50, making Koala a perfect alternative for a mid-range mattress.

Zero disturbance technology
Both our mattress and Ecosa’s have inbuilt Zero disturbance technology which channels any tossing and turning out rather than towards the other person sleeping on the same mattress.

With a Koala mattress, even if you get up in the middle of the night, your sleeping partner will not notice a thing.

Construction type
What makes our mattresses absolutely unique is their in-built Kloudcell foam technology, an open-cell foam that has been engineered to make sure you have a good night’s sleep no matter how hard the day was.

Add 16cm of Ecofoam, our trademarked support layer, and you have Koala’s very own superpower; Kloudcell and Ecofoam combine to create a superior memory foam mattress with an advanced cooling system, an adaptable firmness level, and all the support you need.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses, Koala mattresses are breathable and bounce back so you do not feel like you are sinking in, a common challenge of most memory foam mattresses. We manage to achieve that with layers of support that adapt as you fall into a deep sleep.

Our mattresses are just the right level of firmness; not too soft and not too firm, just right, so they are good for all kinds of sleepers. With only one level of firmness, you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong one or with your preferences evolving over time.

We may be biased but we think Koala’s trademarked Kloudcell and Ecofoam technology is superior to the traditional materials used to make an Ecosa mattress and will provide you with better sleep for years to come, even if your preferences change.

Our mattress in a box is one of the lightest in the market and the Queen Mattress weighs 11kg less than Ecosa’s equivalent. This difference is even bigger in larger mattress sizes.

Because our mattress is light, you don’t need any help and can easily unpack the compressed queen size mattress from its box and move it around the room to test different bedroom ideas. Because of how much heavier an Ecosa mattress is, you will likely need help setting it up.

Washable mattress cover
Our mattresses come with a washable cover that ensures your mattress is always clean and fresh. Just unzip the cover and hand wash in cold water.

Trial period
The best way to see if a mattress is for you is by testing it out. We are so sure of our mattresses that we let you test them for 120 nights, that is 4 months and a full month longer than Ecosa, so you can be sure of your final decision.

Delivery and set-up time
We offer the quickest delivery service available in Australia thanks to our intelligent delivery system. Order a Koala mattress and receive it at your doorstep in just 4 hours (in urban centres).

But the convenience does not end there. Our mattress in a box is like magic; open the box, unroll, and within 4 seconds you have a beautiful mattress ready to bring your bedroom ideas to life.

The look
We make technology sexy and our mattresses handsome. Our sleek design looks best when you let it shine. Place it on a minimalistic wooden bed frame and it will look as great as the rest of the room.

We care about what we do so our mattresses are ethically made and certified environmentally friendly. We are a member of the 1% for the Planet and a B Corp. If that wasn’t enough, for every mattress sold, we adopt a koala through the World Wildlife Fund on your behalf. Learn more about our mission.

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