Koala mattress and pillows on a koala bed base.

Which mattress reigns supreme?

Koala mattress vs Eva mattress

Would you like to compare our Koala mattress vs Eva mattress? We’ve done the work for you.

Here, you’ll find a comparison of our queen size mattress against Eva’s on price, product features, added value and customer reviews so you can decide which is the best mattress in Australia.

Queen size mattress comparison: Koala vs Eva

We probably know everything about sleep, and when comparing mattresses, we like to focus on the aspects that matter: Price, Product Features, Added Value and Customer Ratings. This is why our comparison table below looks at those elements.

To make things easier, we stack up Koala vs Eva for the most popular mattress size, a queen size mattress

Queen size mattress Koala Shop Now Eva
Retail price $950 $900
Discount $100 Off $100 Off
Zero Disturbance® Yes Yes
Warranty 10 Years 12 Years
Construction Type Foam Foam + pocket spring
Weight 23.6kg 55kg
Washable Mattress Cover Yes No
Trial Period 120 nights 120 nights
4-Hour Delivery Yes No


Koala mattress vs Eva mattress review

So, what is better, Koala or Eva?

We might be biased but we think our beloved Koala is the best mattress in Australia and we want to explain why in the Koala vs Eva review below.

Zero Disturbance®
Our mattresses come with magical Zero Disturbance®; that means that no matter how much you or your sleeping partner toss or turn, the other will not notice a thing.

This is particularly handy if one of you has a habit of getting up in the middle of the night, waking the other from a deep sleep.

We believe in making durable products that minimise wastage and impact on the planet, this is why our mattresses are made to last you a decade.

Construction type
Our Kloudcell foam technology puts our country at the forefront of mattress design and production and is our exclusive superpower.

Each Koala mattress has been made with a base of open-cell foam topped with Ecofoam, these two are the secret sauce to a restful sleep even after the toughest day.

Our layers of support adapt to your body through the night to help you fall into a deep sleep. The lush and breathable foam helps you stay cool even on the warmest nights, and bounces back when you move.

Koala mattresses come in just one perfect level of firmness, not too soft and not too firm, just right, so everybody can have a great night’s sleep. More than 20,000 happy customers agree.

Between Kloudcell and Ecofoam we have cracked the secret code to the best sleep and we love that so many have chosen us as the best mattress in Australia.

If you were thinking that our amazing technology will weigh you down let us surprise you. Our Koala queen size mattress weighs just 23kg, that is a whopping 32kg less than Eva’s queen size mattress.

Almost anyone can unpack, unroll and play with their new Koala mattress within minutes of getting it and, most likely, without any help. Sophisticated technology does not need to be complicated to enjoy.

Washable mattress cover
Because we know you will be using our mattress for over a decade, we designed them with an easy to remove washable mattress cover. When you want to wash it, just unzip the cover and hand wash in cold water. Always clean, always fresh.

Trial period
Still unsure what is better, Koala or Eva? We make the decision easy for you by giving you 120 nights, that is 4 full months, to enjoy our mattresses. If, at the end of the trial, you are still not convinced, we will arrange for a hassle-free return.

We have the quickest delivery service in Australia bar none. In metro areas, we can send your new mattress in just 4 hours thanks to our amazing system, Gumleaf, which we developed inhouse for efficiency. You don’t have to wait for Eva’s next business day delivery when you can sleep on a Koala tonight.

Set-up time
Our fantastically practical bed in a box concept goes from package to bed in just a few minutes. Unpack, unroll and in just 4 seconds your Koala mattress will be ready for testing on our beautiful timber bed frame. And because of how light our mattresses are, you will most likely not need any help setting up.

Unlike Eva’s manufacturing, which takes place in China, our mattresses are Australian designed, engineered and produced. Everything is made within our borders.

Do good
Doing good matters to us. Many mattress companies devote resources to worthy causes for every 10 mattresses sold (including Eva), but we take our efforts further by implementing responsible practices and giving-back every step of the way.

We use only ethically-sourced materials and we partner with the global non-profit SEDEX to certify that all our partners follow our same philosophy.

We also care about the environment and about our beloved wildlife so our mattresses are green, our emissions close to zero and our production environmentally friendly. We are a B Corp and a member of the 1% for the Planet.

When you purchase our mattress, we will adopt a koala through the World Wildlife Fund on your behalf and if you live in parts of Sydney or Melbourne, we have partnered with Soft Landing to recycle your old mattress and give it a new life.

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