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Why we designed a WFH desk

The Australian workforce and how we work has changed dramatically in 2020. With the restrictions requiring workers who are able to work from home to stay home, it is the first time such a large scale of remote work has taken place in Australia.

Only so many rooms for meetings

But many Australian homes have not been equipped with all the right working spaces, and to have so many of its occupants at home for such a long period of time. Children were doing Zoom classes, couples moving to different rooms to participate in meetings, and not enough proper desk space with the right light in front of them and blank walls behind them. So many made makeshift desks, and offices within their homes as they juggled with the new norm of everyday life. 

The future of remote work

Prior to the restrictions only 15% of Australians are allowed to work from home full time. But it’s predicted that even after the restrictions have lifted, many businesses will still allow remote work for many, if not, most of their employees. It’s estimated that 3 in 10 Australian jobs can be done remotely, and 41% of surveyed workers will continue to work from home after the restrictions lift.

Not only does it allow parents more time with their children, no time wasted on a commute but it allows people to tackle their work in the morning when their mind is the sharpest with one study showing a 13% increase in performance when employees work from home.

A desk that moves with you

We know every person works differently so we designed the WFH desk to have a variety of features that all come together without any screws, or tools needed.

We sought to design an easy to build, and packable work-from-home desk for no matter what your home office looks like, how unplanned the day plays out, or whether you had to work from home last minute.

If your partner, roommate or child needs the room you’re in, the WFH desk is lightweight, and easily disassembled so you can easily claim a new room of the home to work within.

Some other nifty features include storage hooks for bags or cables, cable management at the rear of the workbench,and an antimicrobial work top.

For all Habitat enquiries, please reach out to Bernice Averion our Growth Marketer at | Instagram @bunnybernice

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