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Why the Koala Bed Base Won the Good Design Award

You probably know by now that Koala makes Australia’s highest rated mattress. In fact, we won the CANSTAR 2019 Most Satisfied Customer Award.

But no matter how good your mattress is, you still need a good bed base to put it on.

That’s why we made the Koala Timber Bed Base, and won the Good Design Award for it.

So what makes our bed base better than all the others on the market?

It’s easy to assemble 

Forget trying to find your Allen key, hard to decipher instructions, or trying to figure out where all the screws are. The Koala Timber Bed Base requires no tools, or screws to assemble. All you need is your own two hands, and 4 minutes of your time.

The Koala Timber Bed Base is made up of 11 wooden parts that slot in together like a giant adult lego kit. The combined weight is 56.3kgs for the Queen size, and 64kgs for the King size so it’s light to move around.

It’s easy on the eyes

Isn’t she a beaut?

Koala designs our products to be timeless so you can still love the look of it from the day you buy it, and for years to come.

Our Australian designed Timber Bed Base has a beautiful wood veneer. Wood veneer is made from natural timber, and we do not alter the colouration of the wood because it adds unnecessary chemicals. We like to be chemical free so it’s safe for you, safe for our workers, and safe for the environment. Instead, we keep the natural colour of the wood that may vary from tree to tree.

No nasty chemicals are used

We use a water-based, matte coating on the surface of our Timber Bed Base. The glue that is used to bind the cottonwood to the internal honeycomb structure is also water-based. Both the coating and glue are classified as E0, meaning low formaldehyde emissions. To pass an E0 rating you need to be under 0.5mg/L, and we pass at 0.3mg/L. This E0 means we have less than 3 milligrams of formaldehyde out of every 100 grams of the glue used in plywood fabrication.

It has plenty of storage 

The oversized platform provides the appearance that the bed base is floating, and allows short term storage for things like your drink, phone, or even a good book. 

Underneath the bed base are 2 x long-term storage spaces on either side that are 90.5cm x 59.25cm x 23.2cm, and thanks to the floating platform anything you store underneath is hidden from sight. 

Forget chucking your decorative pillows on the floor every night! Behind the headboard is a pillow storage area for your extra pillows. 

There are even holes for cable management found at the back of the headboard, and underneath the bed base so you can hide unsightly cables, and remove those tripping hazards from your floors. 

It can handle whatever you do in the bedroom

Even though the pieces are light, the Koala Timber Bed Base can handle up to 600kgs of downwards force so you’re free to do whatever with whoever without breaking the bed. 


While we also did a lot of user testing (amirite), we also did a rollator test which rolls 200kg over the mattress and base a whole bunch of times to stimulate years of day-to-day use. Then a downwards force test of 600kgs as a test of strength.

And it can work with any mattress

Our bed base not only works for our famous Koala Mattress but all other mattresses too! 

Did you know that many mattress retailers will void your warranty if you have been using a slat bed base? While they were designed for mattress ventilation, sprung slat bed bases can tear, scuff, and distort  the bottom side of any mattress type.

For example, the Ecosa bed base uses sprung slats which are notorious for something called The Hump Back Bridge Effect. Basically, the “pressure of the slats are too firm to ‘give’ under the weight of mattress and user and, therefore, the mattress is prone to settling on the central support bar”. As it worsens, the mattress becomes uneven, resulting in continuously worsened sleep.

It’s recommended by most mattress providers that slat bed base users put an extra layer of plywood, or fabric between a slat bed base and the mattress to prevent the unavoidable damage.

Pesky slats can also break if you apply too much pressure in one spot, and are a pain to assemble (too many pieces = too much time not in bed already!).


Meanwhile, our platform design provides complete support to any mattress type, and has ventilation holes throughout so your mattress can breathe and your warranty is still locked in with whoever you purchased it from. 


But if you want the best, start your 120 night trial on the Koala Timber Bed Base, and Koala Mattress.  We provide free 4 hour delivery, and a 120 night trial for all our products!

We’ll even adopt a koala through our partnership with the WWF with every purchase of a mattress or bed base! To date, we’ve raised over $1 million towards environmental causes with the help of our customers!

Bernice Averion is a Growth Marketer, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and lifestyle blogger. | Instagram @bunnybernice | Blog

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