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Why Sustainably Sourced Fashion is Important

In 2019, we live in a society where the term ‘sustainable’ is not only used on the daily, but is a very measured and considered term when it comes to a range of industries: the environment, hospitality, fashion; the list goes on.

But did you know, second to oil, the fashion industry is the world’s biggest contributor of pollution? The whole notion of Fast Fashion has rifled through the industry to cause devastating effects to those caught in the clogs of the machine – a machine which the consumer will never see.

As we become more aware of ethical and sustainable fashion, it’s imperative to understand how we, the consumer, can make a difference, and ultimately, how to source sustainable fashion. Our impact may seem minute in the grand scheme of things, but little do we know that we are actually making a difference.

It’s Better for the Environment

The fashion industry leaves behind sweeping environmental consequences thanks to things like its pesticides used in growing cotton to chemical spills from the toxic dyes used in colouring garments. 

Knowing that your clothing has been recycled or the materials sourced are organic and are then made into something new – in this case your new t-shirt, pants, or even shoes – is a wonderful feeling. As transparency between brands and consumers becomes increasingly more apparent, so are the processes and procedures to which garments came to be. Brands are now ensuring that their materials are organic, are sustainably sourced and recycled matter is used wherever possible.

It’s Better for your Health

With the ethical fashion movement, consumers are educated on the dangers of industrial chemicals that may be present in their clothing. This not only can affect a person’s health long term, but it is having astronomical consequences on the environment in turn.

It’s Ethical

It’s not new knowledge that the horrendous, unsafe and inferior quality working conditions forced upon some of the world’s biggest fashion brands’ workers are just plain unethical. What is even worse that some of these workers are children, or child slaves.

Buying clothes that you know are ethical, locally made or even labelled under the Fair Trade Act is a sustainable step moving forward. This allows you to know that the working conditions were safe, it’s sweatshop free, and the maker of the garment is being paid a fair wage. 

Find out how ethical your favourite fashion brands are here!

About the writer

Josh Bozin is a freelance writer and content creator from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be seen in GQ Australia, Executive Style, Mr Porter, and Man of Style, covering topics on Men’s Fashion, lifestyle and travel.

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