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What is Zero Partner Disturbance?

You probably have seen our famous red wine test that shocked Aussies everywhere during 2015, but why did we even do it?

What does it prove?

The red wine test was the video that catapulted Koala on social media as a brand to watch, and has since been a popular video to recreate among our customers, and fans.

This test was done to prove that our mattress does possess the zero partner disturbance we state on our website which is a key feature of our mattress. By jumping onto the mattress with a glass of our favourite red, it shows that the mattress absorbs a downward force, and the movement of a person without spilling a drop.

So why is zero partner disturbance important?

If you’ve ever shared a bed with a person, you know the pains of waking up frequently from them tossing, and turning in bed. ¬†Perhaps your partner is having trouble sleeping, needs to go to the toilet, or even your work schedules are different so one of you has to wake up earlier.

For many mattresses, even the slightest movement by your partner shakes the bed which wakes you up. But by having a Koala Mattress you are able to sleep through the night not just because of how comfortable it is, but also because you can’t feel them getting up for a glass of water at 2am.

It also means you you can eat, and drink of the bed during lazier times without worrying about anything spilling! Breakfast in bed anyone?

What factors affect zero partner disturbance?

You can have the greatest mattress in the world – or at least Australia’s highest rated mattress on Yotpo, Product Review, and Google reviews yeeew – but if you have the wrong type of bed base, or your sheets aren’t fitted properly than things are going to slide around.

Make sure you have a compatible bed base, and your fitted sheet is completely tucked under the mattress for optimal red wine testing.

What bed base do we recommend for our mattress?

As long as your bed base has adequate support and ventilation, it’ll work with the koala mattress. If it’s a slat base, the slats should be no more than 7.5cm apart. We recommend against using curved slats as it will reduce the effectiveness of the Zero Partner Disturbance.

Beds from some (swedish) furniture stores are smaller than standard Australian sizes, however, we’ve tried these ourselves and the koala mattress still fits. You can squeeze the mattress onto a bed frame up to 3cm smaller than the mattress.

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