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Tips for organising your cabinets

Are your cabinets packed with clutter? You too can be one of those people with super tidy cabinets by following a few tips. We’ve pulled together the tips you need to declutter your life and turn over a new leaf with organised cabinets.

Here are our tips for re-organising your cabinets and reclaiming some much-needed cupboard space.

Focus on minimalism

The minimalist movement is all the rage right now and banishing those sentimental items you’ve been keeping in your cabinets and drawers for years will set you on the path to unclutter glory. Remove duplicates, throw out anything that is old, and only have essential items you need on a regular basis – the rest should be removed or binned.

Don’t get overwhelmed

Decluttering can be a mammoth task, so break the tasks down into small, manageable pieces, so your enthusiasm doesn’t fizzle out after tidying a few cabinets. Pick a cabinet a day over a week or two and unclutter in small steps so you can watch the transformation of your storage space and cabinets slowly unveil before your eyes.

Arrange items and use drawer organisers

If you have junk cupboards or drawers now is the time to declutter and add in organisers that keep the clutter to a minimum. Add containers for smaller items, so they don’t wind up in a mess and add inserts to separate the larger items so they are neat and tidy.

Categorise your cabinets

The uncluttered elite are massive fans of categorising their cabinets, so figure out locations for each particular item by creating a rule. If you’re enthusiastic, you can even grab a label maker and on the inside of your cabinet door add a list of the things that belong in the cabinet for bonus decluttering points!

Regularly clean your cabinets

Avoid only cleaning your cabinets when you move or you simply can’t handle the mess anymore, instead create a habit of a regular cleaning routine to keep the cabinets and cupboards in pristine condition.

Mastering the decluttering process involves a pinch of letting go of sentimental items, a dash of organisation and a seasonal storage plan to ensure your cabinets are always spotless and up to the standard of your clutter-free friends.

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