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The role of nutrition in the workplace

Over the last couple of years, mental well-being was a trending topic and today, it has one foot through the door with employee productivity. Looking at companies such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and Airbnb – they have invested time and resources into improving their workplace culture to create an environment that will allow employees to feel that “work is play”.

But employee productivity doesn’t just stem from a recreation room, on-call massage therapists and meditation rooms, (although, we wouldn’t complain for any of those work perks) it’s what can be found in your office kitchen & pantry.

How, you may ask? Well, it’s simple.

Nutrition plays a part in your mental performance and focus. Remember all the time your parents made you sure you ate breakfast before going to school – and when you starting working full-time and neglecting breakfast, how hard was it to concentrate on a task when you felt your stomach pangs; or how sluggish you felt after a heavy, oil and carb-laden lunch?

Don’t feel so guilty, we’ve all made those mistakes time and time again.

The good news is, it’s easy to break these habits and form even better ones that not only benefit you in healthwise, but you will probably notice a difference in your work productivity. Before you know it, you’ll be crossing off everything on your to-do list with no problem!

So how can we, as employees, eat more healthy at work?

Have a packed lunch

We’ve all seen those #mealprep Instagram posts, with rows of colourful, healthy lunchboxes, accompanied by detailed recipes and carefully counted macros. Unfortunately, not everyone has luxury of time to prepare and pack a lunchbox to bring to work every day. Thankfully, we’ve got a simple solution! At DishDash, we bring the packed lunch to you. With a few clicks of a button, you can have lunch brought right to your office. Catered to your dietary requirements with nutrition calculated for each meal, we keep track of your macros so you don’t have to. And you don’t have to stick to boring poached chicken and steamed veggies every day either. On the DishDash platform, we have a rotation of over 200 restaurant partners, so you can switch up your lunches every day.  A rule of thumb is to always make sure you have one of each food group: protein (40%), complex carbohydrate (40%), and fat (20%).

Keep a water bottle at your desk

Sometimes when we think we are feeling hungry and turn to the snacks, we might actually be thirsty. Your brain emits the same signals as hunger and sometimes, there is a lost in translation. Before reaching for the packets of chips or TimTams, make sure you drinks at least 8 cups of water a day. A glass of water not only helps flush out toxins but helps clear your mind especially after that dreary afternoon meeting.

Make healthier choices

When your company throws team events, or trainings we might sometimes get tempted to overload our plates with our favourite dishes at the buffet line and we may go back for seconds. Don’t stop yourself from enjoying the food, after all – it’s a work perk but be sure to eat in moderation. Similar to a  packed lunch, remember the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing your portions.To make life (and portion control) easier, our WellTrack technology allows you to log and control what you’re eating so you don’t overdo the snacks. All DishDash provided meals have their nutritional values pre-calculated. This means that with a few clicks of a button, you can scan and input all your DishDash meals and keep track of your day to day nutritional intake.

And how can we, as employers, provide healthier choices at work?

Start Simple

The office doesn’t need to do a pantry overhaul overnight but removing the sugar-laden carbonated drinks, and salty snacks and replacing them with water, tea, fruit baskets and yogurt cups is a good start. For team meetings, you can propose fresh and healthy options such as a hearty salads and protein-filled dishes that will keep your employees satiated and clear-headed.

Look for healthier choices for company/team lunches

At DishDash, we bring clients corporate catering from a variety of providers such that meals provided to employees are exciting and delicious yet nourishing., Using the WellTrack technology available on the DishDash platform, employers will have access to the nutritional intake data of their employees. This allows employers to  run reports, monitor dietary patterns by cohort & even analyze nutritional data against metrics such as absenteeism & productivity to determine correlations.

At DishDash, we take pride in providing lunch to offices, that will get you and your colleagues excited about work! Interested in learning more about how you can be more productive at work with food? Check out our website for more information on how we can make your weekday better.

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