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The best mattress in a box

In just two years, the mattress in a box growth has quadrupled, with less than 7% of these being returned after the trial (1).It’s increasingly growing in popularity here in Australia and if you’re considering buying one, luckily we’re here to help. 

Source @itsyouknees

A mattress in a box is quite literally, what the name implies — a mattress that’s compressed in an air-sealed bag and rolled tight to fit inside a box. Why? Below, we cover some points, so you know what to expect when you’re expecting… one of our Koala mattresses.

Easy to buy

Buying a mattress has never been so easy and is just a few clicks away. Without having to leave your home, get out of bed or couch or even take off your PJ’s as your laptop is all you need. Forget weekend trips spent in busy car parks and driving around to different furniture shops, just order online, select your mattress size and you’re done. Within a day or so (even 4 hours in metro areas), you could have your new mattress delivered straight to your door.

Here at Koala, we have created a mattress not too firm, or too soft and confident we have nailed the idea of ‘just right’. Why leave the house when you can order the mattress of your dreams at the tip of your fingers, whenever and where ever you are.

Source @bunnybernice

Easy to try

Setting up your mattress only takes a couple of minutes, and it’s also a really fun experience. Watch your mattress take shape, by simply unboxing and unwrapping. It’s that easy!

We believe you’ll fall in love with our product, but if you’re not quite sure, with the Koala mattress in a box, we offer a 120 night trial period for you to decide if it’s really for you. If it’s not quite right, we’ll pick it up for you and refund your money, no strings attached. 

Helping the Koalas 

Over the past two centuries, sadly, the number of Koalas has been in decline, leaving our humble Koalas on the brink of extinction. We have partnered with the WWF and other Koala charities to provide a donation with every mattress sold to help protect and preserve this unique marsupial for generations to come. With every Koala mattress bought, you’ll be adopting a koala to help save and protect their habitat.

At Koala we’re proving out a business model that genuinely values environmental and social capital. We’re committed to making sure the impact Koala has socially, economically and environmentally is positive, and contributes to a thriving humanity and planet.

Mitch Taylor, Co-Founder of Koala

We constantly improve the environmental footprint of our materials and business practices, through sustainable products, qualified product design, sustainable material sourcing, ethical supply chain, healthy product and sustainable business. We’re working hard to make our business and products more than just sustainable. We want to be Thrivable, so we’re making ‘thriving’ our version of business as usual.

Quality that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

At Koala, we believe quality should be affordable. Our award-winning mattress has a unique design that blends comfort and support to unlock deep, restful sleep. The unique foam has been tailored to give the lush feel of memory foam and latex, but with breathability and bounce to avoid the sinking feeling and heat that comes with mattresses made from these materials.

Finally, we are Australian made. Our online-only business model means we can offer the best quality products and service, at a price that doesn’t cost the earth.

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not make the most of it.

Bernice Averion is a Growth Marketer, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and lifestyle blogger. | Instagram @bunnybernice | Blog

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