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Sleep tips while you’re on your period

Periods aren’t best known for being a soothing, relaxing and an all-round peaceful time. In fact they are notorious for being deeply uncomfortable and giving you restless nights sleep. So how do you override Mother Nature and nail a long, hard snooze right when you’re in the thick of your period? Well we have a few tips for you…

Never stray far from your heatpack

When cramps reach peak awfulness, the best thing to soothe them is to apply heat. The fastest way to warm your womb is with a heatpack that you can microwave and then snuggle all night long.

If you want to up the cosy, comfy level then we’d recommend having a long hot bath before bed – adding some lavender oil and epsom salts for supreme relaxation.

Toss out the tampons and pads

Did you know that chemicals and plastics found in pads and tampons can aggravate your body further, causing more pain and irritation (AKA worse cramps)? This paired with the mid-sleep panic that you’ve bled through your pad, and therefore wake up and turn the lights on to check the sheets, means that disposable period products definitely do not equate to a peaceful sleep.

So what to use instead of tampons and pads?

Well, there’s an eco-friendly, oh-so natural alternative that features none of the plastic nasties of disposables – period panties. Period-proof underwear from trusty Aussie brand Modibodi, allows you to free bleed into absorbent undies that magically soak up flow while keeping you dry and fresh.

Modibodi has a genius collection of ‘heavy/overnight’ undies where the absorbent section goes all the way up to the back waistband – meaning you have more coverage than a night time pad, while being plastic and sticker free. This absorbency level can hold up to two tampons worth, which is perfect for a full night’s sleep, plus a sneaky lie in too!

The Modibodi overnight range comes in lots of different styles, which you can check out here.

Get breathable, top quality sheets

Nothing will send you off to a great snooze more than a brilliant set of sheets – and when it comes to sleeping while on your period, you want to go with the most breathable sheets on the market. A solid choice is of course the Koala All Season Twill Sheets, which is silky but made of eucalyptus tencel fibre – which is one of the most breathable fabrics in existence.

The breathable eucalyptus will keep your body temperature cool, even if your womb feels like pure molten lava. Plus, an added bonus of Koala bedding is that you can get a removable mattress protector so that if you lose your Modibodi overnight undies and have an accidental leak, you can rip off the protector and pop it in the wash. So clever!

If you want to give Modibodi underwear a go then we have a special offer where you can get 15% off their entire collection! Simply add the code KOALA15 at the checkout to apply the discount.

Head to Modibodi now.

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