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Sleep tips for couples where one sleeps hot, and one sleeps cold

They do say opposites attract, so it’s most likely that one of you sleeps hot and the other sleeps cold. During the night, loss of sleep can result in extreme irritability if one person does not get a proper sleep.

To avoid unpleasantries between you and your partner, below are the tips you can use to fall asleep if one of you is a furnace, but the other is a freezer.

Room temperature

Your body temperature is generally determined by how hard your cells and tissues are working inside. You can control your body temperature to a certain extent during the day, based on what you do and eat. Sleep however, is a unique physical process, and one that changes your sleep temperature.

During the night, your body heat peaks in the evening, then drops to the lowest level near daybreak, at around 5am A cool 16-18°C is thought to be the ideal temperature in a bedroom.

A cooling mattress

Your mattress could be a big reason in your body changing temperature while you sleep. While memory foam can provide you and your partner with soft, sleeping comfort, memory foam can also trap body heat, transferring your partner’s warmth to you. Koala mattresses are built for comfort but have a breathable, open-cell foam that feels like memory foam, and is tailored to give you the ultimate comfort. 

The open-cell structure in our mattress creates channels in the foam which provides airflow and enables heat to escape. By minimising layers, we reduce glue, helping wick excess heat away from the body to keep you cool and comfortable. Ensuring your mattress is designed for breathability and airflow can help alleviate tossing and turning that can disrupt you and your partner’s sleep.

Breathable blankets

Making your blanket lighter or more breathable can make all the difference in balancing your night time body heat. Try using a few different combinations of blanket and sheets and what works for you and your partner. 

Maintaining the balance

It is easier to cool down your room than to heat one up. Some of these tips may help you keep your bedroom temperate cool so you can both enjoy good nights rest.

  • Keep your window coverings closed during the day, especially if your bedroom gets direct sunlight. This can help stop the heat that would otherwise be trapped within your walls, even after it gets dark.
  • Utilise a fan 
  • Use cold compresses on the hand. Placing ice packs anywhere you feel a pulse will instantly start to bring a person’s temperature down.

The reality is, couples who do have this issue, it is about finding the solution and fixes that will work well for both of you.

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