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Koalaween kicks off with Haunting Horror Film Festival

To celebrate Koalaween, the spookiest date on our calendar, we’ve commissioned four short horror films from some of Australia’s most talented up and coming directors.

Released one per day on our Facebook Event from 26 – 31 October, the only thing we asked our line up of filmmakers was to share a uniquely Aussie take on horror. So, sit back, get the popcorn ready and treat yourself to a first look at what’s to come. 


From the bat crazy crew at Guerilla Creative comes this frightening foray into the inner and twisted workings of a humble household toaster. We’re actually pretty damn sure you’re never going to be able to look at a kitchen appliance in the same way. 

It’s late, and just like any other night all Aliya wants to do is cuddle up in front of the TV with her Koala Duvet, tuck into some Vegemite toast and catch some shut-eye. Is that so much to ask for? But the night takes a turn for the worse. What seems like an innocent malfunctioning toaster, quickly turns into something far more sinister, propelling Aliya head first into an agonising encounter that she could never have imagined. With her life on the line, Aliya must defeat the terrifying toaster before this night becomes her last.

The Rebeddening

Life was going bloody great for Dave and Sarah. As the quintessential Aussie housemates they’re no stranger to each other’s quirks – Sarah, always up for a post-work bevvie, and Dave, always bringing home something unnecessary from council clean-up. This time, it’s a mattress that gives them more than they bargained for.  Despite the nice old lady from up the road mumbling something about a “curse”, Dave is adamant he’s found the mattress for him. As voices begin to haunt his dreams and the room seeps into a decrepitude, director Joshua Brogan begs the question; will Dave ever wake up? 


Is there a worse fate than always being awake? 

A woman who suffers from crippling insomnia has fearsome visions of a malevolent force coming to kill her. Night after night, she watches helplessly as it invades her bedroom door. One night she wakes to find herself alone in a dark forest where an evil man commands the restless souls of the damned to come and collect her. Director Abel Robinson creates an unforgettable, lifeless world that leaves you launching for the pillow.  


Most of the time people can’t get enough of looking in the mirror.

While going for a casual jog through some urban bushland, a woman finds a mirror that is perfectly suited to her apartment. When she realises the mirror is harbouring a hellish secret in the form of a devilish dimension, she ditches it in the trash. Unfortunately, it’s too little, too late. All her mirrors are now infected and the demons are running rampant in her home. To purge the evil spirits she dispatches all her mirrors, or at least, she thinks she does. There’s one little makeup mirror that’s slipped through the cracks and director Alex Badham makes sure that no matter what happens next, you’ll never look at a mirror the same way ever again. 

So there we have it boys and ghouls—a quick glimpse into four terrifying and shocking tales of horror all through the eyes of some of Australia’s most brightest and talented directors. 

Stay tuned, keep an eye out on our Facebook Page, and happy Koalaween. 

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