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Koala’s award winning approach to customer support

Koala recently was awarded 1st Place in the Customer Happiness Awards of 2019 for ‘Effortless Experience’, and it’s no secret why!

Providing exceptional customer support has been an integral part of Koala from the very beginning. It’s practically part of our DNA. The Koala brand promise encompasses the best version of each product, as well as providing the best possible customer experience at all stages, from purchasing to the return process.


Koala’s Customer Support team strives to make sure that all correspondences (whether it be emails, phone calls, live chats, or social media interactions) are attended to as quick as possible while maintaining a high level of professionalism, integrity, and Aussie banter where possible!

One of Koala’s most characteristic traits is that we move fast for everything. That doesn’t just mean our famous 4 hour delivery, or 4 minute assembly time for our products! We also have to make sure all communications, knowledge and systems are up to date to provide customers the easiest customer experience so they can enjoy their new Koala products sooner. It’s very time consuming but it is necessary to ensure our success as a business, and also successfully providing the above, and beyond customer experience we strive to provide each customer.

Providing the help you need

While speed of response is required, we are also always making sure that we cover our customer’s explicit, and implicit needs to make sure that we add value our relationships.

We value our customers time, and we are always trying to make things as easy as possible by anticipating their needs. Sometimes this means spending extra time on the phone with our courier partners to ensure a smooth delivery or following up once they have received their products to ensure everything went well.

Surprise, and Delight

One of the initiatives that we have put in place is to surprise, and delight our customers. We wanted to go above, and beyond our customers’ expectations not only when they faced an unexpected hitch with our service delivery but also to random customers in the spirit of keeping, and nurturing our relationships.

It is very interesting for us to do this as we often have to look for clues to make sure we send them the best gift, something that will touch and wow them. As with all our products, we want to provide our customers something meaningful that is not only useable in their daily life but also ethically made, and environmentally friendly.

The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have decided to expand our surprise, and delight initiatives to a wider scope.

Always seeking to improve

At Koala, we see the Customer Support team as the voice of our customers, and having clear communication a key to ensure our success. From our live chats on our website alone we’ve received over 8,759 customer support reviews with an average score of 6.52/7.

We read each, and every message customers send us, and pass on feedback to relevant members of the business. This enables the whole company to learn what is going well, what can be improved, and provides ideas on what we can create.  

For example, our customers told us they wanted to see less packaging for our mattress. Customer Support passed this feedback report to our Product Team, and we redesigned the way our mattresses were wrapped to reduce the plastic packaging by 60%.

We know like with all things in life things don’t always go as planned but our Customer Support team is here, and ready to help you with anything you need.

If you need any assistance just say g’day!

About the writer

Hi I’m Todd! I’m one of the Customer Support Leaders here at Koala. My role is all about motivating our dedicated front facing support team, and helping them provide the best in class customer experience we are known for at Koala.

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