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Is co-sleeping right for you? Postpartum care and peaceful sleeps.

This article originally appeared on Mantra and Mangos by writer Mary Thomas and is re-posted here with permission.

I always imagined myself spending Sunday mornings cuddled up in bed with my husband and children just like I used to do with my parents. The only thing is, is that we had a queen size bed and we were struggling just to fit my husband, myself, our new baby girl and our puppy on it (yes, the puppy counts as a family member and has to be on the bed haha).

The search for our dream bed begun and we knew a king bed is what we needed. Also, there were a few other things we had to consider, and being new parents and health & wellness advocates, we had to find something that aligned with our values and ethics.

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I knew from the moment we were having a baby that we would co-sleep for as long as possible, and when Polly arrived I just had to have her close to me, it’s what felt so natural and right. But, I was nervous because I didn’t know much about co-sleeping but took it in my stride to do some research (please also do your own due diligence, great resource is

Co-sleeping (either sharing the same bed or having the baby in a separate space next to the bed) has so many benefits particularly bonding and easy to nurse baby at night meaning mum can get more sleep. But there are also do’s and don’ts for safety reasons. We ticked all the boxes right but needed a firm mattress, lower bed and definitely more space. So, cue a Koala King mattress and bed base which is firm, lower to the ground and big!

Night feeds were a dream. So much room for me to bring baby into bed, feed, sleep and cuddle without disturbing my husband and me getting much needed rest – the many reasons I love co-sleeping.



For years I suffered from chronic back pain. In 2010 I was diagnosed with two slipped discs in my lower back and have spent years healing from this injury. I was so worried that when I fell pregnant that my back would suffer, so it was important to me to really take care of it.

Unfortunately, I did have some back pain, but pregnancy also affected my hips and pelvis. I remember tossing and turning at night trying to get comfortable, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy and often would end up sleeping on the floor to get comfortable (the things we do!).

I found that our mattress at the time was too soft and would aggravate my back and hip pain. After giving birth and having to have an emergency c-section (and just having general back and hip pain from carrying a baby for 9 months) I knew we needed to get a firmer mattress that was going to give me the support I needed for my joints, and to give me the optimal space for me to heal post-surgery.

That’s why we chose the Koala mattress. It has a firm base with 5 panel zoning for optimal spinal support and a soft to touch top layer, supporting your joints! No more sleeping on the floor for me! 


I’m a tosser and a turner… okay, not in the derogatory term or that I “toss” anything haha but, I toss and turn for ages before I fall asleep. My poor husband is always feeling every move and often ending up on the edge of the bed just to stay out of my way!

What we found really cool was that the Koala Mattress has a ‘Zero Partner Disturbance’ which means it absorbs the impact of the tossing and turning, meaning Bo can’t feel when I constantly moving. He has a more restful sleep and I don’t have to feel guilty for waking him up with me moving. 


The photo says it all! We knew that we would like to have more children in the future and would most likely co-sleep and of course, have Sunday family cuddles! What a dream!

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As I mentioned above and if you’ve been apart of my journey on here for a while, you will know that I’m a huge advocate for health & sustainability. I also started my low tox journey when I fell pregnant and began switching and ditching everyday toxic household items to low/no tox alternatives.


What we loved about the Koala mattress is that it contains no heavy metals, no fire-retardant chemicals, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, almost no VOCs, no ozone-deplete substances, no CFC’s, and almost zero emissions are produced in the production process. This sold us straight away because having a new baby, we didn’t want her sleeping on such chemicals! It really makes you think!

The bed base is made from cottonwood for plywood, the surface is okoume that is all 100% of the material we selected is recyclable and 100% traceable wood to ensure that the timber is not coming from places subject to deforestation.

And last but not least – they support koalas and their habitats with every purchase of a mattress or bed base in Australia through WWF-Australia so buy purchasing a bed bundle – you essentially adopt 2 koalas. You even get 2 little koala toys as a symbolic gesture.

So, there you go loves! The reasons why we decided to upgrade to a King Size bed and chose the Koala.

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