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How we designed the Timber Bed Base

A romp in the sack can be a noisy time but we’ve taken the squeaking out the bedroom with our Timber Bed Base (unless you know, you’re into that kind of thing). It even went on to win the Good Design Award for product design in the furniture & lighting category.

Source @katerinawilliamsxo

But what about our bed base has Australia falling in love?

No screws no tools

Yes, you read that right. No screws, or tools needed except for your two capable hands. The secret to having a best selling product like our bed base is to find a need, and fulfil it.

We’ve always hated how no matter how good a customer experience you have, you get home just to sift through countless screws, locate Allan keys, figure out complex instructions, and probably argue with your partner as you ended up making it backwards.

And we weren’t alone. After multiple surveys, focus groups, and customer user testing, our Koala customers told us how painful the assembling experience was for traditional bed bases. So we created ours with ease as one of the highest priorities.

Easy to make

New furniture should be a time for celebration so we’ve made sure our bed base take less than 4 minutes to assemble so you can pop open the bubbly sooner.

The bed base is delivered in 3 lightweight boxes that have a combined weight of 56.3kg for the Queen, and 64kg for the King. By having the pieces in easy to carry boxes it allows you to manoeuvre around even the tightest stairways, or elevators up to your apartment.

The bed base is in 11 pieces that slot in together like you’re playing an adult version of lego.

Smart storage design

Our beautifully designed Timber Bed Base was created using  cottonwood. Our Australian designed Timber Bed Base has a beautiful wood veneer that is made from natural timber. We do not alter the colouration of the wood because it adds unnecessary chemicals, and we like to be chemical free so it’s safe for you, safe for our workers, and safe for the environment. Instead, we keep the natural colour of the wood that may vary from tree to tree.

Source @gemma_forsyth

The oversized platform provides the appearance that the bed base is floating, and allows short term storage for things like your drink, phone, or even a good book. Underneath the bed base is a long term storage space that is 900mm x 600mm, and thanks to the floating platform, anything you store underneath is hidden from sight.

Behind the headboard is a pillow storage area for your extra pillows so no throwing of decoration pillows on the floor every night! Last but not least is the smart holes for cable management found at the back of the headboard, and underneath the bed base so you can hide unsightly cables, and remove those tripping hazards from your floors.

Source @bon.avenoir

No waiting time

Buying furniture from traditional furniture stores can be such a hassle. Sometimes you have to wait weeks for it to be made, and delivered which sucks for a person who is moving home. But now Koala has gone ahead to provide the convenience of 4 hour delivery for all of our products – including our Koala Timber Bed Base!

Just order before 2pm, and you’ll get it delivered that same day! You can check here if you live in a 4 hour zone  for delivery (not limited to metro areas).

It’s environmentally friendly 

Our impact on the environment is at the forefront of all the products Koala designs, and the bed base was no different. The water resistant coating on the bed base is water based so we use no harmful chemicals. Both the coating and glue are classified as E0, meaning low formaldehyde emissions. To pass an E0 rating you need to be under 0.5mg/L, and we pass at 0.3mg/L. This E0 means we have less than 3 milligrams of formaldehyde out of every 100 grams of the glue used in plywood fabrication.

For our packaging we try to use cardboard as much as we can even for protection instead of polystyrene. This is because polystyrene is non-biodegradable, and can take potentially thousands of years to decompose.

The cardboard boxes can be recycled in your kerbside cardboard and paper bin.

Some councils will allow “LDPE 4” in your regular plastic recycling. If yours doesn’t, you can recycle the soft plastic at any REDcycle collection point (found at most Coles and Woolies stores). Please cut the plastic into A3 size sheets before putting them in the bin.

Built for Australia

Australia gets really hot during summer, and the last thing you want is a sweaty mattress. In fact, having a good mattress like ours but a bad bed base still results in a sweaty, and hot mattress as the heat, and moisture that escapes the mattress is still trapped by a poorly ventilated bed base. To be able to tackle the Aussie summer, our bed base has holes through the platforms to provide optimal ventilation for the mattress!

It’s built for Aussies of all sizes

Koala knows that people come in all shapes, and sizes so we’ve designed our Timber Bed Base to withstand 600kgs of downward force.

The secret to it’s strength is the honeycomb core that also keeps it lightweight. The bed base is incredibly strong as the weight is distributed evenly across the 6 sides of the honeycomb shape instead of being stressed such as with square/rectangle/circle.

With it’s 5 year full warranty, and strong design remain supportive for years to come, no matter how many times you go bump in the night.

Bernice Averion is a Growth Marketer, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and lifestyle blogger. | Instagram @bunnybernice | Blog

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