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How we designed the perfect mattress

The Koala Mattress is an Australian favourite with over 15 thousand 5 star reviews on Yotpo alone, making it Australia’s highest rated mattress across Yotpo, Product Review, and Google Reviews. It also won CANSTAR’s 2019 Award for Customer Satisfaction beating out 5 other brands (Sealy, Sleepmaker, King Koil, and Ikea), and received top marks of 5-Stars across the board including: Comfort, Durability, Support, Quality of Sleep and Value for Money.

So how did we make it?

A whole lot of research, and taking in feedback

Creating the perfect mattress to suit most people is no easy feat. Our team regularly conduct research on Australians all over the country to find out what they like, and dislike about their mattress.

We regularly communicate with customers to find out any less than happy experiences in their ordering, delivery, assembly, and with using the mattress itself. Our team analyses this feedback regularly to continuously find ways to either improve the product, create supplementary products to improve your bedroom experience, or improve existing processes to make your Koala experience as easy as falling asleep!

Customer feedback is so important to us because it enables us to learn what we can improve, celebrate what we’ve done right, and help improve the experience of any customers who didn’t have a koalaty experience!

Suitable for most people, and only use the best materials possible

The reality is that no mattress is going to suit everyone. From our research we learnt that the sweet spot most people like their mattress is medium firm so we created our mattress with a firmness level of 6.1/10.

The bottom layer of the Koala Mattress is high density foam for optimal spinal support. The top layer is called Kloudcell which is our own proprietary blend of polyurethane open cell foam. Kloudcell is named so due to it feeling soft as if you’re floating on a cloud! When you sit on the mattress it will have an initial softer feel as your weight is focused in one spot, however when you lay down it distributes your weight evenly allowing a firmer feel.

The Koala Mattress outperforms all other conventional mattresses on the market and exceeds Australasian & Global environmental regulations. With virtually zero emissions and no CFCs during production, the Koala Mattress is a very green product.

We only use GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified foam in our mattresses. It has undergone rigorous and thorough assessment against the GECA Standards. The GECA label is only awarded to products that have the highest environmental credentials and represent the leading environmentally preferable options in the marketplace. This foam was assessed across its entire lifecycle to be better for the environment, have a lower impact on human health and have been ethically made. There are no heavy metals (such as lead or mercury) in the Koala Mattress. The Koala Mattress does not contain phthalates. The Koala Mattress is made without the use of ozone-depleting substances (methylene chloride).

Our mattresses contains absolutely no latex, and memory foam which both retain heat, and retain moisture. Because our foams are naturally cool, and dissipate heat, we don’t need the “cooling layer” a lot of mattresses put in. Because our foams are supportive, and don’t deteriorate from usage, we don’t need springs. We know building a great mattress is actually quite simple so we put in only the essentials, and provide a fair price.  

All of our textiles are made of Tencel Lyocell including the top of our mattress cover, and the blue side, and base is made of polyester. Tencel Lyocell don’t use AZO dyes as they can break down, and release carcinogenic amines. Tencel Lyocell is gentle on the skin, naturally smooth to touch, provide unfavourable environment for bacterial growth offering a better hygienic fabric, regulate absorption, release moisture so it stays cool, is tension-free so no electrostatic charges, supports body temperature regulation, and is made with no harmful chemicals! 

Suitable for couples

Getting woken up by a partner who tosses, and turns, goes up to go the toilet during the night, and wakes up earlier than you for work can be exhausting. That’s why our mattress has been designed to absorb movement through what we pioneered called Zero Partner Disturbance.

Even if it’s 4am, and your partner gets up for a glass of water, you’ll stay fast asleep!

Easy to buy

We’re all busy people just trying to find some balance  between work, relationships, friends, family, and general wellbeing. Last thing a lot of us want to do is have to make our way into a mattress store. So we’ve made it easy for you to buy a mattress. Just head to our website, and in a few quick clicks, you’ve ordered a new mattress!

If you do have some spare time to pop into store, we’re in select Myer stores. You can find your closest one here.

Easy to bring into your home

We offer free delivery Australia wide – yes free! We provide 4 hour delivery for most areas in Australia when you order before 2pm. You can check if you’re in a 4 hour zone here. To make things easier, you can book in 4 hour time slots when you want your mattress delivered, and can even opt in for the courier to leave it in a safe place.

The Koala Mattress comes tightly rolled up in a vacuum seal with recyclable plastic, and inside a recyclable cardboard box.  The mattress comes snug in a box to allow you too easily manoeuvre around your home, or the staircase in your building with the mattress until it finds it way into your bedroom. If you need to move it around your home, or out of your home once it is unboxed, you can hold it in half, and bind with rope or a harness so it’s like a taco.

Easy to trial

We think that spending 10 minutes in a mattress store provides you no real indicator if a mattress is right for you. So just like all of the Koala products, the Koala Mattress comes with a 120 night trial. This means you can try the mattress in the comfort of your own home for 120 nights to see if it’s right for you. If it is, keep it, and sleep tight! If not, just contact our Customer Support team to organise a return, and get your full refund.

Easy to clean

We know life gets a bit messy from children who wet the bed, teenagers binging on snacks, or a couple of adults enjoying a romp in the sack. That’s why we made sure our mattress is easy to clean! Just remove the cover using the zipper on the side, pop it in the wash with a cold wash, and dry it on the line, or on low to medium heat – except we recommend not to tumble dry.

Bernice Averion is a Growth Marketer, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and lifestyle blogger. | Instagram @bunnybernice | Blog

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