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How to Deodorise Your Shoes

For many individuals, shoes are, naturally, an important part to completing a look, whatever the occasion may be. Some may collect shoes; some invest in shoes; and others may consider them as purely an after-thought.

Whichever the case may be, maintaining your shoes and their appearance is imperative, for dirty shoes not only are unsightly, but they can cause odor.

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Being in the height of the Australian summer, with high temperatures comes excess moisture of the feet. This moisture is what causes feet – and shoe – odor.

Here are four easy ways to eliminate odor from your shoes.

Clean Regularly 

Albeit a chore to most, cleaning your shoes – especially when dirty – is not only important in retaining the longevity of your shoes, but it will help eliminate odor.

Different types of shoes require different cleaning methods, but for most shoes of leather material, spot cleaning with a clean rag to get any residue off from your shoe and then applying a cleaning solution, such as Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner, will do the trick.

Shoe Trees

You might be reading this and think “what could a shoe tree possibly be”, but in fact, shoe trees will not only provide support to the shoe’s structure – enhancing its longevity – but it will remove all moisture from the shoe, which is the main trigger for shoe odor. With your feet producing over ¼ cup of moisture on a normal day – and up to ½ cup when active – it’s ideal to remove this unwanted moisture, where possible.

Tip: Insert your shoe trees right after you take off your shoes, when the leather needs them the most.

Wear Socks

A bit of a no-brainer, but wearing socks will protect unwanted moisture getting inside your shoes. For shoes that you’d like to show ankle, purchase a pair of no-show socks.

Rest Your Shoes

Shoes need a day off! Even with shoe trees in, it takes a full day (about 24 hours) for your shoes to dry entirely after you’ve worn them. If removing shoe odor, and preserving the quality of your leather or suede shoes, is important to you, make sure not to wear your shoes for longer than two consecutive days.

About the Writer

Josh Bozin is a freelance writer and content creator from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be seen in GQ Australia, Executive Style, Mr Porter, and Man of Style, covering topics on Men’s Fashion, lifestyle and travel.

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