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How to clean your Koala Mattress

You spend ⅓ of your life in bed so needless to say, you need to keep your bed clean! Below are a few steps you should take to maximise the life of your Koala mattress.

Rotate it monthly

The Koala mattress has been designed to last 10 years with the proper care. As you sleep in the same spot every night, body impressions (where your shape is reflected in the mattress) are completely normal in all types of modern mattresses, including the Koala mattress, and you shouldn’t be alarmed. These occur over the first few months of use where the comfort layers on top of the core are settling to the body weights and most common sleeping positions used on the mattress.


We recommend rotating your new mattress 180 degrees every month to help create more even settling of the comfort layers especially where there are two individuals with different sleeping styles or weights using the mattress. 

If you do experience any sagging in your mattress over 25mm you are covered by our full 10 years warranty!

Wash the cover monthly

On a single day, we shed around 500 million cells, along with perspiration, pollen, pet dander, fungi and mould — which may also be snuggling in bed with us every night. Your sheets in turn, also accumulate oil, sweat, drool, dirt and make up. We recommend washing your sheets weekly, and washing the mattress cover monthly. 

Where possible, spot clean only using a mild detergent and soft cloth. If there is a big spill or you sweat a lot, we recommend removing the cover.

The Koala mattress cover is removable via the zipper on the bottom of the mattress. Do not dry clean! Hand wash the cover with cold water to not harm the tencel blend cover. Not following care instructions may result in piling on the mattress cover. In the result of piling, you can use a piling shaver.

We recommend not bleaching, soaking, or wringing the cover which may also harm the cover. To dry, leave the cover out on the clothes line. 

Clean up any accidents

Hey, accidents happen! When you’ve had a bit of a spill on the bed, or your child has had an accident, first remove the mattress cover to go into the wash. Next spot clean the mattress foam with a mild detergent by hand. Once the residue has been removed, dry the foam at room temperature away from heat or sunlight.

Vacuum away any smells

If there are any funny smells you can lightly sprinkle bicarbonate of soda across the mattress, leave it there for a few hours, and lightly vacuum the bicarb of the bed. This should alleviate any smells.

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