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How Soon Should We Move In With Our Partner?

It’s the age old question, how soon is too soon to move in with a new partner? Should we wait months or years … or should we just jump in the deep end and move in within days? There’s no right and wrong answers, however there’s a few key factors to consider before making the commitment to move in together.

Have you established good communication within the relationship?

As in, can you both communicate effectively, especially when it comes to touchy topics like sex, family matters and core values. Healthy communication is one of the building blocks of a healthy and happy relationship, so it’s important that this is established before moving in together.

Do you enjoy a healthy and happy sex life?

Sexual intimacy is another building block of a happy relationship and it’s often a topic that creates conflict and misunderstanding in relationships if not talked about. So, check in with each other – are you both enjoying the sex? Is the amount of sex enough/too much? Before moving in together it’s important to feel sexually satisfied and happy.

Do you both share the same values?

If you’re contemplating moving in together, it’s because you love each other and want to commit to a deeper partnership together. But before you make the commitment, do you share the same values in life? It’s okay not to share ALL the same values, however it’s important that you are on the same page with what you want and value on a day-to-day basis.

Are you both committed to deepening the relationship and spending time together on a daily basis?

Fact is, when we live together it can be intense – we go to bed next to each other, wake up together, share a bathroom, cook together … and it can be overwhelming at first! So, are both deeply committed to partnership? Are you ready for this next step? These questions are important to ask yourself before saying yet to moving in.

Are you both on the same page with finances?

When we live together, money gets involved. We share rent, we share bills, we share food … are you ready to share finances with your partner? If the answer is yes, then it’s really good to establish expectations around money before making the big commitment to living together.

Does it feel ‘right’ deep down? Check in with yourself on a deeper level. Check in with your heart – do you feel loved by your partner? Do you feel safe to be your authentic self? Do you want deep commitment with this person? Trust your intuition!

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About the writer

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Coach, Tantra Practitioner and host of the Authentic Sex podcast.  With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet facilitates 1:1 coaching sessions, educative workshops, and transformative online courses. Juliet’s purpose is to empower men and women to embrace their sexuality and transform their sex and relationships.


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