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Benefits of sleeping on a foam mattress

In today’s world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when picking out the perfect mattress. With so much mattress terminology, we have broken down what the benefits are for sleeping on a foam mattress and the materials used. 

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so its important to make it worthwhile.

Support and Comfort

There are several types of foam mattresses such as memory foam, gel foam, latex foam and high density foam, all of which use different materials and can change the way you sleep. 

The Koala Mattress is made up of two layers — a support layer, and a comfort layer. 

The bottom layer consists of high density foam designed for optimal spinal support. Koala’s support layer keeps your body properly aligned through deep stages of sleep.

The top layer is called Kloudcell which is our own, engineered proprietary blend of polyurethane open cell foam. Australian-produced, Kloudcell is a comfortable, breathable foam that is refined into the ultimate comfort layer and it is named due to it feeling so soft as if you’re floating on a cloud! We have also nailed the idea of ‘just right’ providing the perfect balance between not too soft and not too firm.


Our unique open-cell foam has been tailored to give the lush feel of memory foam and latex, but with breathability and bounce to avoid the sinking feeling and heat that comes with mattresses made from these materials. What open-cell mattresses do is create channels in the foam, which provides airflow and enables heat to escape. This allows for air to fill the cells and can cool you down at night. 

Koala’s foam is made with formulations that enhance the breathability of the comfort layer for optimal air flow, and forms around your body without prolonged mattress indentations found in memory foam or latex mattresses.


The Koala Mattress has undergone numerous tests to ensure it is safe to sleep on, is comfortable, and supportive to sleep on, and will last. 

Polyutherene foam can contain chemicals that are unsafe for prolonged human use so it is important to look for polyutherene foam mattresses that have environmental certifications like Koala. If you would like to read more about the materials used in our mattresses, you can read our blog here.

As it is designed, and built in Sydney, the Koala Mattress foam has undergone, and received Good Environmental Choice Label (GECA). GECA is the Australian authority for assessing, testing and independently auditing products, materials and services for the Australian market. The Koala mattress has been laboratory tested to not contain any heavy metals, formaldehyde, VOCS, or hazardous materials that are potentially allergenic, carcinogenic or disruptive to hormone systems. For safety, the foam is CETEC certificated to mean the Green Building Council of Australia’s standards for total volatile organic compound emission rates. 

So if you’re thinking of buying a foam mattress, Koala has over 22,700 reviews making it highest rated mattress brand. Ultimately, the decision if yours and what is right for you. 
Start your 120 night trial with Koala and see if the Koala mattress is the one for you.

Bernice Averion is a Growth Marketer, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and lifestyle blogger. | Instagram @bunnybernice | Blog

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