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Behind the scenes: Why we designed three new sofas27 Oct 2020No CommentsLive

We’ve always been about creating stylish, meaningful and conscious products that serve a purpose, so when we decided to make a sofa, we designed it to be an MVP—an answer to all manner of living room set ups. It all started with the Lounging Sofa, our perfect all-rounder, the OG.  But if that’s the case,…

Keep Reading Koalaween Kicks Off With Haunting Horror Film Festival21 Oct 2020No CommentsPopular

To celebrate Koalaween, the spookiest date on our calendar, we’ve commissioned four short horror films from some of Australia’s most talented up and coming directors. Released one per day on our Facebook Event from 26 – 31 October, the only thing we asked our line up of filmmakers was to share a uniquely Aussie take…

Keep Reading Transform Your Home Into a Plantopia with Leaf Supply18 Oct 2020No CommentsDesign

Plants have a magical way of transforming any space. Indoors, they not only add beauty but can boost our general well-being, productivity, and add a sense of calm.  The act of caring for plants, tending to their needs and watching them thrive (or sometimes die, that’s okay too), is a great form of therapy. It’s…

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