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4 things to buy with your Christmas bonus

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Annual leave is finally getting spent, you get to be around your loved ones, and your hard earned work gets you a cheerful Christmas bonus. So what do you spend it on? Since home is where the heart is, it’s time to put a bit more love in our homes

A good night sleep

Sleep is one of the most underrated solutions for the aches, and pains of life. Did you know that 45% of Aussies have poor sleep patterns? Your poor sleep patterns affect your health, wellbeing, social life, and work life. You can read more about Australia’s Sleep Debt problem here.

Customer @elidaze

A 2011 study showed that a comfortable mattress is an essential factor for a good night sleep. So give yourself a better night sleep with a new mattress! The Koala Mattress comes with a 120 night trial, 10 year full warranty, and is backed by over 13,000 five star reviews! Start your 120 night trial here.

A proper pillow

Ditch the $10 lumpy, yellow, pancake pillow that’s teaming with bacteria, and fungus on your bed. Do you know that the average pillow has 170000% the number of bacteria as a toilet seat? Gross.

Customer @ these3_and_me

Grab yourself a new Koala Pillow that is made of cool gel infused memory foam so it always stays cool, and is flippable! This means it is firm on one side, and soft on the other. Both sides are unbelievably comfy, and the contour provides amazing support to your head, and neck. You can learn more about the Koala Pillow here, and go straight to buying it here.

Luxuriously soft sheets

So you have a comfy bed, and proper pillows but you wouldn’t put a Ferrari in a dodgy garage would you? Don’t buy thread bare, poorly made, or environmentally unsustainable sheets that you’ll just have to replace every few months. Invest in high quality bedding that is both great for the environment, and great for you.

The Koala Sheets are made of 100% eucalyptus TENCEL Lyocell that are naturally soft to touch, so gentle on your skin, incredibly smooth, are an unfavourable environment for bacteria to grow, regulate absorption of moisture, release moisture, no electromagnetic charges so no static! Plus, they feel like heaven on Earth.

Tencel is the world’s most sustainable fibre as it recycles 99.5% of solvents used, uses no harmful chemicals, and has a completely transparent production process. The sheets also contains no AZO dyes or formaldehyde so it’s not harmful to use, nor harmfully made.

A new bedroom but $300 off

You know what’s better than going to sleep on your Koala mattress, that’s laying on your award wining Koala timber Bed Base, with your head on your Koala Pillow, and snuggling in your Koala Sheets? Laying there knowing you saved $300 by buying it as a bundle. Buy the Koala Ultimate Slumber Set to get $25o off a queen bundle, and $300 off a king bundle.

Start the 120 night trial on the Koala Ultimate Slumber Bundle now!

About the writer

Bernice Averion is the Growth Marketer for Australia at Koala. Here since March 2017, she manages the introduction of new digital media opportunities, the affiliate program, referral program, influencer program, and content strategy. Outside of work she is a blogger who posts about lifestyle, bridal, fashion, and beauty.



IG: @bunnybernice

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