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4 products to help if you “sleep hot”

Things are heating up in the bedroom this Summer but not in the way we want. If you’re a hot sleeper then it’s time for you to invest in a few bedroom products that will keep you cool without spiking up the electricity bill.

A Mattress That Doesn’t Get Hot

No matter what you’re doing this summer, your mattress will stay nice, and cool. The Koala Mattress is made of Koala’s own proprietary blend of open cell polyurethane foams that contains no heavy metals, no fire retardant chemicals, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, almost no VOCs, no ozone-deplete substances, no CFC’s, and almost zero emissions are produced in the production process! Instead of heat getting trapped within the mattress, the Koala Kloudcell foam dissipates heat which helps regulate your body temperature.

The Koala Mattress contains absolutely no latex, and memory foam which both retain heat, and retain moisture. Because it’s stays cool, and repels heat, the Koala Mattress don’t need the “cooling layer” a lot of mattresses put in. It’s even wrapped in our signature eucalyptus TENCEL Lyocell cover!

Body Temperature Regulating Sheets

Imagine the softest, coolest fabric wrapped around you that feels like you’re floating on a cloud. That’s the Koala Sheets which are made of 100% eucalyptus TENCEL Lyocell. The fibres are naturally soft to touch, and have an enduring softness that doesn’t go coarse even after many washes.

They also support your body’s natural thermal regulation more efficiently than cotton to help keep your body cool, and dry despite the humidity outdoors. The TENCEL Lyocell cellylosic fibres are structures to regulate the absorptionm and release of moisture. This then helps the breathability of the fabric, and creates a refreshingly cooling sensation on your skin.

A Pillow That Always Stays Cool

On a sweltering hot night people often find themselves flipping their pillow to get the “cool side” of the pillow. With the Koala Pillow both sides stay cool! This is due to it being made out of cool gel infused memory foam. With Certi-PUR US certified cooling gel infused throughout, it creates a cooler, softer memory foam that maintains it’s form for better support than traditional memory foams.

The Koala Pillow is also flippable for two firmness options. On one side it’s firm, and the other it’s soft. This is done through conical holes drilled throughout the pillow providing varying firmness, and also ventilation for increased air circulation, and breathability.

A Bed Base That Doesn’t Retain Heat

The Koala Timber Bed Base is really easy to make with only 11 pieces that requires no screws or tools to assemble in only 4 minutes! It is was the 2018 Good Design Award Winner because of it’s innovative, yet minimalistic design. Plus, it keeps your mattress breathing! Throughout the panels are holes for ventilation to allow the heat, and moisture escaping your mattress to also escape the bed base!

You need a well ventilated bed base because even if your mattress dissipates heat, and moisture, if it gets trapped between the bed base, it will build up the heat, and moisture there!

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